Florida Car Accident Settlements

We settled this case for $325,000.  Our client fractured his lower leg.
We settled this Miami car accident case for $325,000. Our client suffered a lower leg fracture.

These are just a few of our many Florida car accident injury settlements.  We have also had many Florida injury settlements.  Since car crashes often involve other types of vehicles, check out our Florida truck accident settlements and Florida motorcycle accident settlements.

All settlements are before deduction for attorney’s fees and expenses. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

$16,500 Settlement

Watch the testimonial below! The prospective client may not obtain the same or similar results.

I invite you to learn more about this $16,500 settlement where I represented a driver of a car who was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back after his car was hit by another car (in Kendall, Miami-Dade County, Florida) insured with GEICO. You can learn more about how much a herniated disc may be worth in a Florida accident case.

$110,000 Settlement

Pedestrian hit by car in Homestead, Miami-Dade County, Florida suffers fractures in face resulting in surgery. The driver that hit her was insured by Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance (RAC partners)Watch the video below! The prospective client may not obtain the same or similar results.

$325,000 Settlement

After a lawsuit was filed for pedestrian who was hit by a car. He had multiple surgeries on his tibia (lower leg bone). I invite you to learn more about how much your case may be worth if you have a broken lower leg (tibia or fibula).

$210,000 Settlement (Gross)

Labrum (Shoulder) Tear which resulted in surgery for 57 year old man who was in a truck accident. Travelers Insurance provided liability insurance coverage.  Progressive was the uninsured motorist insurer.

$200,000 Settlement

Fractured wrist from car accident in Miami. My client was driving her car when she was hit (T-boned) by a car at an intersection, which resulted in surgery for her wrist fracture. She had  back pain (bulging disc) and neck pain (2 herniated discs). She had a plate and screws put in her non dominant hand. The at-fault car was insured with   and .

$150,000 Settlement

Offer (Policy Limits) for a passenger who had a back (lumbar) fusion after being hit by another car. Miami, Florida.

$147,000 Settlement (Policy Limits)

On behalf of a passenger who had shoulder surgery from a car accident caused by an uninsured driver in Bonifay, Holmes County, Florida. My client made a claim against uninsured motorist (UM) insurance with Nationwide. Read more about this shoulder (rotator cuff) surgery settlement. Learn more about how much money a shoulder injury with surgery from an accident in Florida may be worth.

$125,000 Settlement

My client had a broken wrist with surgery from a car accident against a driver insured by GEICO in Miami.

$100,000 Settlement

My client, suffered a herniated disc in his lower back, erectile dysfunction (ED) and a possible meniscus tear when a car hit him while he was riding a motorcycle in near Midtown Miami. Geico insured the driver of the car.

$100,000 Settlement

$100,000 Settlement was for my client, a man, who claimed that a herniated disc in his neck was caused by an 18-wheeler truck that cut him off. His car hit the 18 wheeler.

$100,000 Settlement (Policy Limits)

For a woman who had facial fractures when she was hit by a Ford F-150 truck while she was on or pushing her bicycle across an intersection in Cooper City, Florida. The at fault party was insured for $100,000. She was airlifted to the hospital by Broward County Air Rescue. Unfortunately, as is too often, are client did not have uninsured motorist insurance which would have given her the opportunity to get many more thousands of dollars. This story made the Sun Sentinel newspaper as well as the Miami Herald.

I contacted a representative of Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida and she reduced my client’s hospital bill after I sent a written request to reduce medical bills. My client ‘s son-in-law (resident relative) did not carry underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance on his car, the insurance company did not have to pay her any additional money.

$100,000 Settlement (for the policy limits)

On behalf of a young Homestead, Florida woman who was rear ended by a driver, in Miami (Miami-Dade County) insured with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. My client was driving a car insured by MGA Ins. Co. She had a bulging disc and she had a percutaneous discectomy performed. Learn more about how much a bulging disc may be worth if you were in an accident in Florida caused by someone else.  Liberty Mutual blamed the accident 50% on my client, whom they alleged hit the car in front of her before their insured rear ended my client.

$100,000 Settlement

For personal injury paid by the Property & Casualty Insurance company of Hartford for a gentleman who was a passenger in a relative’s car when the accelerator was pressed by the driver instead of the brake. The injury victim had thumb surgery as well as pain in his knee, head injury, neck pain and lower back pain.

$100,000 Uninsured Motorist Settlement

For a gentleman who was hit by a car that was “uninsured” for purposes of Florida law. Without an attorney, my client probably would not have known to file a civil remedy notice against the uninsured motorist insurance company. I believe that filing a civil remedy notice made them pay this claim as the money was rightfully owed. In fact the uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance company paid its settlement (insurance policy) limits after Mr. Ziegler filed a civil remedy notice and drafted a lawsuit against them.

$95,000 Settlement

For a man who suffered a herniated disc after being hit by a drunk driver. Miami, Florida.

$85,000 Settlement

Offer to the driver of a car who t-boned a tractor-trailer (18 wheeler) that ran a red light. MRI revealed a herniated disc at C5-C6. Miami, Florida.

$75,000 Settlement

Woman had arthroscopic knee surgery and a bulging disc as a result of a car making a left hand turn in front of her in Miami near Coconut Grove, Florida. Progressive was the bodily injury liability insurer for the other car (that was cited for failing to yield the right of way). Allstate was the underinsured motorist (UIM) auto insurer. Progressive paid $50,000 and Allstate paid $25,000. You can read more about this $75,000 settlement for knee surgery and bulging disc from a car accident in Miami.

$65,000 Settlement

Settlement for a Madison, WI woman who suffered personal injury to her shoulder when she was rear ended in a car crash in Kissimmee (Orlando), Florida. She had arthroscopic surgery to her shoulder. The defendant’s attorney and insurance company argued that her shoulder injury preexisted the accident. They also argued that her rotator cuff tear could not have been caused by a rear end collision. The defendant was ticketed for the accident, but the defendant disputed liability. The defendant was insured by First Commercial Insurance Company based out of Hialeah, Florida. This case settled one (1) month before trial. Her out of pocket medical bills were about Six thousand dollars ($6,000.00). To read more, click here.

$57,000 Settlement

On behalf of a police officer who was suffered back injury, while he was on duty, when he was rear ended in a car accident in Medley, Florida (North Miami-Dade County). The driver who caused the accident received a ticket for following too closely. We received the policy limits of $10,000 from the at fault party’s insurance company, State Farm. My client suffered a bulging disc and is a candidate for a lumbar laminectomy. He had epidural shots to his lower back. At the time of the settlement with the Underinsured Motorist Carrier Travelers Insurance Company (Travco), workers compensation for the police department paid over $17,000 in indemnity (lost wages) and medical benefits.

$57,600 Settlement

For a woman in her twenties who was involved in a multi car collision. Her injuries ultimately resulted in arthroscopic shoulder surgery to her non-dominant shoulder. The insurance companies for the responsible parties were GEICO and Progressive. The liability limits of bodily injury insurance for one of the at fault insurance companies was limited to $10,000. Her car sustained minor to moderate damage. Her shoulder healed well following surgery.

$52,500 Settlement

For a bicyclist who sustained a herniated disc and compression fracture after being hit by a driver of a car.

$52,000 Settlement

On behalf of a 26 year old man who was injured (while he was on a scooter/moped) when a NAPA van’s front end crashed into the moped. According to the police report, the driver of the van stopped and rendered aid but then fled the scene without giving any information. The driver of the van was later stopped. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue treated the driver of the moped on the scene. The driver of the van received a citation for failure to yield at intersection.

$39,000 Settlement

For my client, a man in his 30’s, who was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lower back following an accident. Before this crash, he received years of chiropractic treatment on the same levels in his lower back that he claimed were injured in this accident. He was given epidurals to his lower back after this accident.

$35,000 Settlement

For passenger in a car who injured his wrist requiring surgery. The total available insurance was only $35,000. Unfortunately, myclient’s resident relative did not have an active insurance policy at the time of the accident, therefore there was no underinsured motorist insurance coverage available for my client.

33,000 Settlement

For US Customs worker who sustained a meniscus tear and tibeau plateau fracture as a result of being hit by a car while he was riding his bike.He basically had no limitations following the healing of his injuries.

$26,000 Settlement

In a car accident for a passenger that was rear ended. He treated with chiropractors for over a year before having an MRI on his back. An MRI revealed a herniated disc effacing (pressing on) the spinal cord. My client lives in California and the accident occured before he was about to get on a cruise ship. My demand to Nationwide at this time is One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). We have settled three (3) other claims for his wife and kids who were in the car at the time of the car crash. This client is one of the numerous clients that Injury Lawyer Ziegler has represented that doesn’t live in Florida.

$25,000 Settlement

A drunk driver (insured by State Farm) crashed into a car within which our client, a young lady, was a passenger. Our client’s injuries were neck, back and leg pain.  We settled for the bodily injury liability coverage limits of $25,000.    Location of Accident: Miami, Florida. Date of Settlement: January, 2014.

$25,000 Settlement

For a young woman who was a passenger in a car that slammed into the car in front of it. Her injuries were cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral spine chronic sprain/strain injuries. Another personal injury that she suffered was a C6-C7 posterior disc herniation and Bilateral broadbased bulging discs C3-C4, C4-C5. She also had Bilateral feet and toes paresthesia. The policy limits for the driver insured by State Farm were $25,000. My client did not have underinsured motorist insurance which would have resulted in a much larger payout for my client.

$25,000 Policy limits Settlement

For a elderly Cuban American businessman who suffered a broken (fractured) tibia (lower leg bone) when he was hit by a driver insured by State Farm Insurance Company. The accident occured in Hialeah, Florida. My client did not purchase undersinsured motorist insurance coverage which would have resulted in a larger payout for my client.

$25,000 Settlement (Policy limits)

For a driver (insured by USAA) in Miami, Florida who had soft tissue injuries as a result of being rear ended by a truck.

$20,000 Settlement

For a Venezuelan woman who was rear ended by a car (insured with Progressive) whose driver was cited for reckless driving. My client, a mother and wife, received chiropractic care for her personal injury. An MRI of her neck revealed a disc protrusion (herniation) which indented on the ventral (spinal) cord. She also had multilevel disc bulges. The chiropractor stated that she should meet with an orthopedic doctor to discuss having surgery. Her daughter and mother was also in her car. We settled her daughter’s car crash claim for $10,000. We are attempting to resolve her mother’s claim but may file a personal injury lawsuit should Progressive’s offer be unreasonable. (M.D.)

$17,500 Settlement

For a bicyclist who sustained lacerations to her chin and required several staples in her abdomen when a driver (insured by State Farm) hit her. The police officer did not issue a ticket because he felt that my client, the bike rider, and the other driver were at fault. My client was on her bike riding against the flow of traffic. The insurance company stated that they believed the bicycle rider was responsible for 30% of the accident.

$16,000 Settlement

For a woman who was hit by a drunk driver insured by Progressive Insurance. She had back pain and neck pain and treated with a family doctor and rehab facility. She did not have an MRI done. Miami, Florida.

$14,000 Settlement

For a passenger (neck and back pain) hit by a drunk driver insured insured by Progressive Auto Insurance. Miami, Florida.

$12,500 Settlement

On behalf of a woman who was rear ended by another car. We received the policy limits of $10,000 from Allstate and $2,500 from her underinsured motorist carrier, State Farm.

$12,000 Settlement

For a mother of three who suffered personal injury to her shoulder and neck when she was broadsided by another car in Miami, Florida. The at fault driver is insured by Progressive. My client was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room, where she was released after a several hours. The SUV which she was driving was a total loss. Immediately following the accident, she had excruciating neck and shoulder pain, and later had an MRI which revealed a herniated disc in her lower back. Her daughter also suffered personal injury in the same car accident.

$10,000 Policy Limits Settlement

Driver of car was t-boned in Miami by a car insured with Star Casualty Insurance Company. My client had shoulder pain. Read more about it here.

$10,000 Settlement

For personal injury victim who injured his back and neck in a rear end car accident. The car that received the citation was insured with GEICO. (J.D.) Injury lawyer Ziegler acted as co-counsel.

$10,000 Settlement

For a Michigan woman who was injured while driving her car in Florida. She treated at the hospital and then with a chiropractor for several months. Her injuries were soft tissue. The driver who was at fault was insured with GEICO.

$10,000 Settlement

For a Cuban American 30 year old who was rear ended (while stopped in the emergency lane) on I-95 by a driver insured by State Farm Insurance. My client’s injuries included back pain and a serious eye injury. He was treated at the Anne Bates Leach eye center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Bascon Palmer in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, the driver and owner of the car that rear ended my client were underinsured, and my client did not have underinsured motorist insurance which would have resulted in a much larger payout for my client.

$10,000 settlement

Lady claimed soft tissue injuries after she was driving her,  which was hit by another car in Venice, Lee County, Florida.  The at fault driver had bodily injury insurance through American International Group (AIG).  Her hands were burned by her car’s airbag.  The burns went after a few months.

$7,500 Settlement

For a driver who was injured when a hit and run driver hit his car and fled the scene. The driver has soft tissue injury. The hit and run driver was insured by MetLife. The car accident occurred in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. I argued to the insurance company that punitive damage would be awarded since the negligent driver fled the accident scene. The at-fault driver was later caught.

$4,000 settlement

Young child who suffered personal injury soft tissue injuries while she was a passenger in her mother’s car, which was hit by another car in Venice, Lee County, Florida. Venice is near Fort Myers. She was taken via ambulance to the Emergency Room. She had a follow-up visit with her pediatric doctor. The at fault driver had bodily injury insurance through AIG.  This is one of my many Florida child injury settlements.

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Below are a couple of car accident settlements that are not mine.

Actual Case (not my case): $16.5 Million for pain and suffering was affirmed (approved) by the 4th District Court of Appeal (Broward and Palm Beach County) for a 20 year old man who was rendered paraplegic after he was hit by a motor vehicle while he was on a motorcycle. $11.5 Million of the award was for future pain and suffering. $5 Million was for past pain and suffering. The accident was in 2006. The total verdict was for 18,888,875 and it was in 2012. The case is Vanzyl vs. Fain and Kincaid.

My thoughts: I assume that the Plaintiff argued that he is going to live until age 78 or so, which would be another 58 years. That means that the 4th district appeals court approved the jury’s award of approximately $198,275 a year for future pain and suffering. The court also approved the award of roughly a $1 Million a year for past pain and suffering.

Actual case (not mine)$300,000 verdict for pain and suffering alone for a 46-year-old woman who had surgery in her lower back after she was hit by a Walgreen’s tractor trailer truck in Palm Beach County, Florida. She claimed a herniated disc and an annular tear after she was hit (t-boned) by a Walgreen’s truck. The verdict was in 2004. The case is Anderson v. Walgreens. You can learn more about this case and Walgreens injury settlements. Check out some truck accident settlements in Florida.

Over 71 Important factors may affect the settlement value of a Florida injury case.
Over 71 factors may affect a Florida injury case settlement value.
Over 71 factors may affect an injury case settlement value.

Over 71 important factors may affect the settlement value of a Florida injury case.  Most people only know a couple of these factors.  There are also over 15 factors that specifically affect whether you have a Florida car accident case.

Did someone’s carelessness cause your injury in a Florida car crash or other type of accident?

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