Neck Injury Settlements In Florida Accidents

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Neck Injury Settlements Accidents Florida Car CrashThe best way for me to talk about the value of a neck injury caused by an accident in Florida is to give examples of settlements and verdicts. I do so below.

I try to give my opinion in regards to each settlement to give you a better understanding of the amount awarded for pain and suffering in each case.  If you are injured in Florida or on cruise ship and someone else, you should note that there are general settlement ranges for the pain and suffering component of each particular injury.

If you want to learn more about settlement values for herniated or bulging discs in a personal injury case, regardless of whether they are in the neck or back, you can check out these articles:

Ok, let’s discuss some settlements and verdicts for neck injuries. First, I will talk about some cases that I have handled that involve neck injuries. Then, I talk about neck injury settlements in Florida accidents for cases that I did not handle.

My Neck Injury Settlements

My Actual Settlement: $100,000 Settlement (Gross) for a driver of car that t-boned an 18 wheeler tractor-trailer in Homestead, Florida (Miami-Dade County). My client had a C5-C6 (neck) herniation. The truck cut off my client by making a left hand turn in front of my client. The truck was insured with Zurich Insurance Company. It was good that a relative of my client took pictures of the damage to the vehicles.

My client’s medical bills were paid as follows:

– My client’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on his own auto insurance policy paid $10,000 to his medical providers

– All other bills were paid from the net settlement after my attorney’s fees and costs were taken.

My thoughts: I would describe Zurich as an above average company in terms of paying a fair amount for a personal injury claim. I think that State Farm Auto Insurance or United Automobile Insurance Company would have offered less to settle this case because they generally don’t pay as well as Zurich Insurance.

If this case would have gone to trial, my client would have had to prove that he had a permanent injury in order to get money for pain and suffering. This is because my client was in a car in Florida. Having to prove a permanent injury in a car accident case in Florida is one of the things that can decrease the value of a settlement.

My case: $95,000 Settlement with GEICO where my male client was hit by a drunk driver in Miami, Florida and diagnosed with a herniated disc.  Surgery was recommended but my client did not want to have surgery. Plaintiff did not miss any work as a result of this accident.

My thoughts: Cases where a drunk driver causes an accident are worth more than cases where the at-fault driver was simply careless. This is because a jury can award punitive damages in addition to general damages. Juries often are bothered that a drunk driver caused an accident.  Check out some of my accident settlements caused by a drunk driver in Florida.

My case: $20,000 Settlement for a woman who was rear ended by a car (insured with Progressive) in Miami, Florida whose driver was cited for reckless driving. My client, a mother and wife, received chiropractic care for her personal injury. An MRI of her neck revealed a disc protrusion (herniation) which indented on the ventral (spinal) cord.

She also had multilevel disc bulges. The chiropractor stated that she should meet with an orthopedic doctor to discuss having surgery. Her daughter and mother were also in her car. I also settled her daughter’s car crash claim for $10,000. (M.D.)

My case: $16,500 Settlement for a man who was diagnosed with had a herniated disc after being in a car accident in Miami.

Appellate court says $10,000 for Pain and Suffering Only is Too Low – (Not my case)

An appellate court reviewed a jury’s verdict and found that awards of $5,000.00 for past and $5,000.00 for future noneconomic damages were shockingly inadequate in the face of uncontradicted evidence that the plaintiff had sustained two herniated discs, with accompanying undisputed past and future pain and suffering as the result of an accident. The case is Figueredo v. Keller Indus., Inc., 583 So.2d 432 (Fla. 3d DCA 1991).

The court did say that “on the other hand, the supreme court has noted that not every verdict which raises a judicial eyebrow would shock the judicial conscience.” Laskey v. Smith, supra.

My thoughts:

The appellate court in the above case said that $10,000 was too little to give someone who sustained two herniated discs. In that case, there was no doubt that the Plaintiff has sustained two herniated discs. In most cases, the defense will argue that the Plaintiff’s (injured person’s) herniated disc(s) was not caused by the accident or incident in question. This can make a claim more difficult than if you had a broken knee,

The court also said that both sides agreed that the Plaintiff had pain and suffering before and after the trial. In many herniated disc cases, the doctor hired by the defense may say that the herniated disc that the Plaintiff had should not have caused any pain.

This “defense doctor” may also say that the Plaintiff will not have any pain in the future. The facts of the above case are unusual. The moral of that case is that where the is no disagreement that the Plaintiff has 2 herniated discs, and that he or she has experienced pain and suffering and will continue to experience pain and suffering, the award of pain and suffering should be worth more than $10,000.

Below are Actual Verdicts or Settlements (Not my cases)

Now, I want to share some other actual jury verdicts and settlements where the Plaintiff had a herniated disc as a result of an accident in Florida. The cases below are not my cases.

Actual Case: $550,000 Verdict (Not my case) for Pain and Suffering only for an adult woman who suffered a herniated discs and osteophyte complex at C4-5, C5-C6, C6-C7, as well as pain in her tailbone when she slipped and fell on a clear substance on a stairway at a condominium building in Orange County, Florida owned by the defendant. She said that the condominium association failed to inspect the stairway and fix the dangerous condition (the substance on the floor).

The condo association said that they did not know and that it was unreasonable for them to know of the alleged dangerous condition. Defendants also said that the woman did not provide notice to them of the condition of the stairway as required by Florida Statute Section 83.201. The jury found the condo association 60% at fault and the woman 40% at fault.

My thoughts:  The jury awarded a huge amount, $375,617, for past medical bills. That leads me to believe that there were surgeries. The jury awarded the woman almost $120,000 in pain and suffering for each herniated disc. This is above the starting point that I believe fair for purposes settlement value for pain and suffering from a herniated disc in a Florida accident.

I have said before that the starting is between $25,000 and $50,000 for pain and suffering only. The case is Manzo v. The Sanctuary at Bay Hill Condominium Association, Inc.; Apogee Association.

Actual Case (Not mine) : $350,000 for Pain & Suffering in 2012 awarded by a jury for pain and suffering caused by a C4-C5 (neck) herniated disc for a 47-year-old male Palm Beach airline pilot who was rear ended while waiting for a traffic light. Plaintiff was awarded $200,000 for past pain and suffering and $ 150,000 for future pain and suffering.

The plaintiff’s vehicle sustained $340 in damage and he claimed he herniated a disc from the accident. He treated at the hospital and was let go the same day. He ended up having three epidural injections during his 4-month course of treatment.

Plaintiff said that he could no longer perform martial arts and said when he had pain, his blood pressure would rise, which would make it dangerous for him to fly as a commercial pilot. He did not take his physical (required by the FAA) and was not allowed to fly for almost 2 years. His orthopedic doctor said that he would need a neck fusion and that he would begin needing medical treatment when he is 55.

My thoughts: This verdict is impressive given that the property damage to the Plaintiff’s car was so minor and that his treatment was so short (only 4 months). The jury must have liked the Plaintiff’s orthopedic doctor and believed him.

I say this because the defense hired a orthopedic doctor who said that the herniated disc was not caused by the accident and it was not a permanent injury. This is a common argument that a liability insurer makes in a herniated disc case.

The jury believed that the plaintiff was really was injured because the jury awarded the plaintiff $325,000 in lost wages. That obviously means that the jury felt that the Plaintiff was justified in missing work. Another thing that probably greatly helped the case was that the Plaintiff was a commercial pilot. Pilots are generally is liked by the public and make good Plaintiffs. This case was in Palm Beach county which is a great venue for Plaintiffs which also helped the case.

Actual Case (not mine): $370,000 Verdict for Pain and suffering alone for a 57-year-old woman who had a 3 level cervical (neck) fusion, as well as surgery on her shoulder. She had a herniated disc in her neck. She was injured at Home Depot in Vero Beach, Florida when a metal rack fell on her neck and shoulder.

She was awarded $150,000 in past pain and suffering, and $220,000 in future pain and suffering. Read more about this injury verdict against Home Depot. The case is Simone v. Home Depot. The verdict was in 2008.

Actual Case (not mine): $192,000 Verdict for Pain and Suffering alone for an employee of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines whose injuries included carpal tunnel syndrome, a performed a median nerve neurotomy, neurolysis and exploration.  She started physical therapy, but she began to feel intense neck pain radiating to her left arm. She had an x-ray and an MRI of her neck (cervical spine) that showed she had nerve compression at C4-C5 (in her neck).

She performed deep cleaning duties using a mop and bucket to clean the floors, which required her to use hand pressure to squeeze the mop. Even though she allegedly woke up and found her right arm was numb between the elbow and fingers, her supervisor allegedly required her to work in pain for approximately three days.

She sued Royal Caribbean in 2010 in Miami-Dade County, Florida and claimed the following:

  • Failed to use reasonable care to provide and maintain a safe workplace.
  • Failed to promulgate and enforce reasonable safety rules and regulations to ensure the health of crew members.
  • Failed to provide adequate training and supervision of its supervisors and officers.
  • Failed to provide prompt, adequate and proper medical care.
  • Failed to ascertain the cause of similar prior accidents so as to prevent their recurrence.
  • She also claimed the vessel she worked on was unseaworthy because it lacked a properly trained crew and adequate. manpower for the tasks being performed.

$27,000 was for past pain, suffering, disability, physical impairment, mental anguish, inconvenience and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life. $155,000 was for future pain, suffering, disability, physical impairment, mental anguish, inconvenience and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life. The case is Lavia v. Royal Caribbean Cruises; 10-22925-CA-02

My thoughts: This is a Jones Act case. Normally, in a case against your employer, you cannot get money for pain and suffering. But if you are injured while working for a cruise line, you can get money for pain and suffering under the Jones Act if you can prove that the employer caused your accident.

I wrote an article about the settlement value for pain and suffering of a hand injury where I said that the settlement value of pain and suffering for carpal tunnel surgery is between $25,000 to $50,000 but it depends upon the disability that you are left with.

Actual Case (Not my case) – $100,000 Pain & Suffering

In 2012, a 31 year old teacher was driving a car in Boynton Beach when was hit by a car that ran a red light.  She was taken to the hospital and complained of neck pain. Her orthopedic diagnosed her with a cervical (neck) disc herniation at C4-5.  She treated with a chiropractor.  She complained of neck pain.

The jury, in Broward County, found that she had a permanent injury.  She was given $100,00 in pain and suffering. $80,000 of that amount was for future pain and suffering, and $20,000 was for past pain and suffering. The jury awarded her $100,000 for future medical treatment.  She was awarded $20,000 for past medical treatment which reflects the fact that she did not treat that much.

My thoughts: The $100,000 that she was awarded in pain and suffering for the herniated disc is about $25,000 more than the average settlement range that I use as a starting point when calculating pain and suffering. Because she is expected to leave another 45 years or so, the jury awarded her $2,000 of pain and suffering for each year for the rest of her life.

Actual Case (Not mine): $15,000 verdict in pain and suffering alone for a 42-year-old lady who had a cervical (neck) injury which required epidural injections. She was in a car accident in Duval County, Florida.

Actual case (not my case): $1,000 in past pain and suffering for a 45 year-old female housekeeper who fell in a Winn-Dixie Store in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The shopper claimed soft tissue injuries to her neck and back as well as headaches.  She claimed to have fallen on a raspberry that was on the floor. Winn-Dixie argued that the floor was inspected shortly before the fall and nothing was on the floor.

Winn-Dixie offered $8,000 to settle but the shopper rejected it. $13,864 was awarded for past pain and suffering. The verdict was in 2001 and the case is Casteneda vs. Winn-Dixie Stores.

My thoughts:  I am unsure how much of the verdict was for neck pain vs. has much was for back pain and headaches. It appears that a problem with this case was that the jury may have felt that shopper’s injuries may not have been permanent. I say this because the jury did not award any money for future pain and suffering.

If the shopper had been hit by a Winn-Dixie truck in Florida, then she would not have received any money for pain and suffering if she was not able to prove that she had a permanent injury. The same applies if she would have been hit by a Walmart or Publix truck in Florida.

I am not sure how much fault, if any, was placed on the shopper for not looking where she was walking. If fault was placed on the shopper, the entire verdict is reduced by the shopper’s percentage of fault.

Did you injured your neck or another body part in an accident? Was it a work-related accident? If so, what are you injuries? What was the date of the accident and in what city and state? Where do you live? Please provide a brief description of the accident.

- Ask your question below. It’s free! Be specific, but leave out any personally identifiable info.

- Get answers – I will post a public reply to your question —usually within 12 hours, and sometimes within in 30 minutes or less.

- Rest assured – Your privacy is important to us. All questions are posted publicly but anonymously.

I have settled over 4 million dollars in personal injury cases in Florida, including car accidentsslip and falls, and cruise ships accidentsI want to represent you if you were injured in an accident in Florida, on a cruise ship or boat. Call me now at (888) 594-3577 to Get a Free Consultation.

There are No Fees or Costs Unless We Recover Money. We accept calls 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We also speak Spanish.

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I will not become your attorney by you leaving a comment. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. All comments are posted anonymously but will be public.   I only can represent you if your injury happened in Florida or on a cruise ship; or if the injured person lives in Florida or a family member (in the case of a death) lives in Florida. This is because I am only licensed in Florida.


  1. Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

    I had a slip and fall at a store in Tampa, 2 years ago. I previously was rear ended in 2 separate incidents, where I was diagnosed as 7% disabled from neck injuries. I did not need or seek medical attention in 4 years prior to slip and fall. The fall resulted in first chiropractic care, then cortisone injections, then shoulder surgery, then steroid injections in my neck. My spine specialist said surgery, fusing 2 vertebra, but I have 2 herniated and 2 bulging discs in my neck.

    At mediation we asked for $400,000 which they did not offer anything to. Then a week later an offer for $50,000, which we declined. My medical bills are now at $53,000 and I also have a 33% deal with my attorney. This past week my original doctor for neck after accidents was subpoena by the store, and he said yes, my complaints mirror what they did in 2008.

    It does not feel the same, and hurts much more, like on a daily basis. Now my attorney thinks we should beg them for 100,000 but doesn’t think well get that. I feel like he is backing down because it is a big store and they have high powered attorney. He has not said anything about pain and suffering. Do you think he is short hanging me? Do you think I should take it to trial?

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck,

      I am sorry to hear that you had to have shoulder surgery and have daily pain in your neck. Thank you for your question! I am not your attorney. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit in Florida.

      It is very difficult for me to know whether you are not being offered fair value for your case, without me knowing what caused your slip and fall in detail. Slip and fall cases are very fact specific. I wrote an article about slip and falls at Walmart in Florida, which contains a lot of information that may apply to a slip and fall accident at a store.

      Since you attended mediation, I assume that you know the arguments (defenses) that the department store is making in your case. In any slip and fall case that I handle, when I am thinking about settlement I discount the full value of the case by my client’s comparative negligence and other factors.

      Prior to this accident, were you diagnosed with a herniated disc or bulging disc in the same area that you are claiming you have one in now?

      How old are you? Are they arguing that your shoulder surgery was needed to due to pre-existing injuries? Is the department store arguing that your herniated discs and bulging discs were not caused by the accident?

      Is the $53,000 in medical bills your responsibility? Did you have health insurance that paid for some of the medical bills?

      I have many other questions to ask, but these were just a few.

      I don not know whether your lawyer is short changing you because I do not know all the facts of your case. I do not know whether you should take your case to trial for the same reason.

  2. Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

    Thank you for your response. Yes, I was previously diagnosed with herniated and bulging discs in same area of my neck. I was never told that I needed surgery after I was rear ended. I had no problems at all with neck for four years, leading a very active life, including outdoor activities, like fishing and boating.

    Then, I slipped on a wet spill in the store. They say they had a reasonable safety check program in place. They check at 9am and at 4pm. I slipped and fell at about 3pm, 6 hours after store opened. 3 store employees were there. The manager and supervisor helped, but stayed in office most of the time, and I was told they were filling out an incident report, which mysteriously disappeared.

    I am 53 years old, and have been in pain since the day it happened. I have many photos of the spill, and the defense attorney and insurance rep at mediation say they just don’t see it. The pics show floor is filthy, and shows the spill. It was 80 and sunny that day. I do not think 7 hours is reasonable care for an aisle in the store with lotions, oils and perfumes. As far as the $53000 in medical, I got a Letter of Protection almost immediately from my attorney.

    The manager said send us the bills when it happened. Now, in addition to the continual pain for 2 years, I also have a lot of mental anguish. Due to the stress and pain, it has had a lot of impact on my personal relationship, and ended up canceling my wedding. After the mediation, they offered $50,000 which I declined because it didn’t even cover my bills thus far. Got a letter from my attorney yesterday saying we should ask for $100,000 but he doubts they’ll give us that much.

    I realize that insurance companies are not sympathetic to pain and suffering, so I’m wondering if a jury would be more sympathetic. I just don’t think I should authorize my attorney to back down. Thank you so much for any help or opinions.

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck,

      Disclaimer: I am not your attorney. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit.

      Did you testify – if true – that the water was dirty? Did the store have shopping carts, and if so, did you testify – if true – that there were shopping cart tracks and/or footprints where you fell? It could be inferred from these characteristics that the water was on the floor for a significant period of time before you fell.

      Did you have health insurance? If so, did you use it to get treatment following the incident?

      As you can see from the many questions that I am asking, there are so many factors that go into evaluating a case.

      Disclaimer: I am not your attorney. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit.

      If you reply with a comment, your response will be public but I will remove your name and email address.

      • Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

        Again, I thank you for your response. The puddle appeared to be some kind of clear liquid, but the whole floor was covered in dirty shoe prints and other spills that appeared to be dry, but not cleaned in a LONG TIME. After I had sat there for about 20 minutes with ice on ankle that hurt at the time but not now, I finally said to them “You should get someone to mop that up before someone else falls”.

        I said this after I took about 10 pictures that clearly show dirty floor. It was then the manager told cashier to get mop bucket, and she wheeled over one of those yellow buckets with BLACK water in it. I did not see her mop, but assumed she did. No, I do not have health insurance at all, which is why I got Letter of Protection for each provider.

        I received care from 4 or 5 people totaling the $53000. I said in my deposition that the floor was filthy. I can not tell if spill had tracks before I slipped, as my slip sort of ‘spread out’ the spill. The floor being as dirty as it was, and being in the aisle of lotions and oils, the smallest amount of liquid could have made this unsafe, and it did.

        They have a daily sheet saying they Check floors 2 times a day. The second check of floors on my slip and fall day says “no issues”. This check was done 15 minutes after I left, with no mention of incident. It is hand written, and could be a sheet that was re written to hide the fact I fell.

        They also lost incident report, and say they have no video from that aisle, but provided video of me in other area of store and parking lot. They are trying to say slip had nothing to do with my neck, but now I need surgery and didn’t before. It has changed my whole life and my attorney is backing down with no mention of the pain and suffering I’ve endured for 2 years SO FAR.

        • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

          Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck,

          Thank you again for your follow up comment,

          I am not your attorney. Do you think that it was the water that caused you to fall, or the other spills that appeared to be dry? I just settled a slip and fall in a supermarket case for $300,000, however in my case my client stated that the water was very dirty and there were smudges that looked old. We argued that it could be inferred that the dirty water was there for some time before my client’s fall, as it takes time for water to become dirty.

          You are smart for taking pictures of the dirty floor. Are they arguing that your shoulder surgery was due to a pre-existing condition as well?

          There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. If you reply with a comment, your response will be public but I will remove your name and email address.

  3. Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

    I also forgot to add that a new surgeon thought surgery would be next option. At the mediation, defense called original doctor and he said that yes, symptoms “mirror” symptoms from back 4 years prior, but again, no surgery was recommended back then.

  4. Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

    I feel like my attorney may be backing down because the store in question is a retail chain store very popular in Florida, with many many stores all over Florida, and a couple other states. They fly in an attorney from out of state for my case. I think my attorney is intimidated.

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck,

      Thank you for your follow up comment! I am sorry that you feel that way. When I represent someone who is injured due to the fault of someone else, such as in a slip and fall case, I will possibly advise them to settle if the benefits of accepting a settlement offer outweigh the probable outcome of success in trial (including costs, etc.).

      I do not and will not advise my clients to settle, just because they are going up against a multinational billion corporation such as Walmart, Target, Costsco, Home Depot, etc. Just because a store is popular and/or worth a billion or many of millions of dollars does not mean that they won’t offer fair value to settle a case. Sometimes, the offer comes shortly before or during trial.

      If you reply with a comment, your response will be public but I will remove your name and email address.

      Disclaimer: I am not your attorney. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit.

  5. Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I think I slipped because of the clear liquid on the already filthy floor. I don’t know how long it was there, but it was relatively clear, and I could tell it was there for a while, because it looked like it “soaked” the dirt from the floor, making it look cleaner than surrounding area, with a distinct ring around it. I did not have any pre.existing shoulder injuries, and it doesn’t seem like they are disputing that. They offered the $50,000 right after my mediation, which was the amount of my bills at the time. It is true that I had previously hurt my neck and lower back,

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck,

      Thanks for taking the time to ask me questions.

  6. Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck says

    And TMJ, but again I stress that no issues for 4 years. I am concerned that my attorney is completely avoiding pain and suffering because its a slip and fall case.

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who slipped and fell in Store and had shoulder surgery and 2 herniated discs in neck,

      As you know, I am not your attorney. I have never had a slip and fall case where I did not make a claim for pain and suffering. Now, in many slip and fall cases when evaluating the value of my client’s case I have discounted the value for liability issues, my client’s comparative fault, if any, as well as other issues. I wish you good luck.

  7. Person who was rear ended by business vehicle says

    I was rear ended by a large commercial business vehicle I now have bulging discs and 2 herniated disc in my neck (my whole neck is severally messed up with either a bulging disc or herniated disc) I have had a series of several injections in my neck to try to prevent surgery but its not working I see a surgeon soon for surgery, also my shoulder is messed up the doctor is debating surgery I am suffering nerve damage to my arm and hand as well, I have a concussion and also a dislocated jaw which I now wear a split to see if It will go back in place if not then I will need surgery for that. my pip has been exhausted so my question is do you think I will get enough in a settlement to pay for my surgeries and for my time off work?

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who was rear ended by business vehicle,

      Thank you very much for sharing the facts of your accident with me and asking me a question! I am sorry that you were injured and may need surgery.

      I am not your attorney. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. My answer only applies if the accident happened in Florida, which is where I am licensed to practice.

      There are just so many things to know in order to properly attempt to answer your question.

      1. Do you have pre-existing injuries in the same areas that you are claiming were injured in this accident?

      2. How much property damage was there to the vehicle that you were in?

      3. Does the other driver say that you did anything wrong?

      4. How old are you?

      5. Does your doctor relate your injuries to the accident?

      6. When did you first get medical treatment after the accident?

      7. Did you take an ambulance to the hospital?

      8. Are there any gaps in your medical treatment, and if so, how long are they?

      And I have many other questions to ask as well.

      You should speak with an attorney immediately given your serious injuries.

      I hope that you feel better.

      If you are looking to hire an attorney you can call me at 888-594-3577 to get a free consultation to see if we may be able to represent you. There are no fees or costs unless we recover money for you.

  8. Person who was rear ended while working & had a cervical discectomy and fusion says

    October 2013 I was working on the job while I was stopped at a stoplight a woman rear ended me. the next day I told my employer I was very stiff I went to the doctor and then 27 visits of physical therapy started and then um in January 2014 there’s an MRI done notice that there was three annual tesrs C 4&5, C5-6 and
    C6-7 we’re protruding And a nerve root was pinched and it shows that there is spinal cord bruising, also my reflexes are off and I have
    Spastic faint, 4/5 on right and 4+/5 on the left with hoffmann bilaterally 4+reflex in bilateral patella and clonus bilaterally in ankles .
    I have never had a history until the day after accident . I have missed 9 weeks of work so far . Had C4-5 & C 5-6 cervical disectomy and fusion and anterior instrumentation. Still off work for 2 weeks then maybe rehab what do you think my case looks like or fair settlement still often in pain in shoulders and burning down the bedside hard time to go upstairs because my leg shake and also hard to walk for a long. Of time very weak

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who was rear ended while working & had a cervical discectomy and fusion,

      Thank you for asking this question. I am sorry that you were injured. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. Disclaimer: I am not your attorney.

      If the accident happened in Florida or if you live in Florida and the accident happened in another state, and you want to hire a lawyer please call me at 888-594-3577. I hope that you feel better.

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