Back Injury Settlements & Verdicts

Back Injury Settlements Accident Car Crash
I’ve settled a lot of cases for people who have injured their back in an accident. While these are difficult cases, back injuries are one of the most common injuries in an accident case. This is why I sometimes write about back injury settlements (some of them mine and some are those of other attorneys).

$15,000 Verdict : Pain & Suffering for Epidural Injections to Neck

Epidural Injections Settlement Florida Car AccidentActual Case (Not Mine): $15,000 verdict in pain and suffering alone for a 42-year-old lady who had a cervical (neck) injury which required epidural injections. I don’t know whether she had a herniated disc or bulging disc. The breakdown was $5,000 in past pain and suffering and $10,000 in future pain and suffering. She also aggravated (worsened) her pre-existing back issues.

She claimed that he would need epidurals in the future and medical treatment.  He claimed that the other driver lost control of his vehicle and hit his vehicle in the entrance/exit area of a parking lot of a Walmart in Palm Beach County, Florida. [Read more…]

$31,000 Verdict : Slip and Fall at Publix Resulted in Back Surgery

Publix Slip Fall Liquid Back Injury Surgery Marion County Florida

This is not my verdict but I talk about it so that it gives you a better idea to know how much your case may be worth if you are injured at a supermarket or have a back injury (or another type of injury) in Florida and someone else was at fault. The woman in the photo to the right is not the woman from this case. [Read more…]

$16.5 Million Verdict For Pain And Suffering For Man Paralyzed in Motorcycle Accident

$16.5 Million Verdict Paralyzed : Car Hit Motorcycle Martin County FlActual Case (not my case): $16.5 Million for pain and suffering was affirmed (approved) by the 4th District Court of Appeal for a 20 year old man who was rendered paraplegic after he was hit by a Jeep while he was on a motorcycle in Martin County, Florida.

$11.5 Million of the award was for future pain and suffering, disability, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, aggravation of a disease or physical defect or loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life. [Read more…]

$300,000 Verdict for Lower Back Surgery From Walgreens Truck Accident

Walgreens Accident Settlement Truck Crash Herniated Disc Surgery

Actual case (Not my case): $300,000 verdict for pain and suffering alone for a 46-year-old woman who had surgery in her lower back after she was hit by a Walgreen’s tractor trailer truck in Palm Beach County, Florida. She claimed a herniated disc and an annular tear after she was hit (t-boned) by a Walgreen’s truck.

[Read more…]

Accident Settlements and Verdicts Against CVS in Florida

CVS Pharmacy Accident Settlements Injuries Florida

If you were injured at CVS and you want to know whether you have a case, a good place to start is by looking at past settlements and verdicts against CVS in Florida. I will discuss some settlements and verdicts below. I try to concentrate on the amount awarded for pain and suffering.

Given the huge number of CVS stores in Florida, you would think that there would be more verdicts that were made public against CVS in Florida. Surprisingly there is only a handful. I believe that there are few reported settlements or verdicts against CVS in Florida because: [Read more…]