Walmart Slip & Fall Settlements in Florida & Other Accidents

Walmart Accident Settlements : Injuries : Slip Trip Fall
Walmart Injury Claims in Florida.

If Walmart’s negligence caused your injury in Florida, then you may be able to recover money for your damages (e.g. medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, mental anguish, etc.).

Over 73 factors affect the settlement value of a case if a Florida Walmart’s carelessness caused someone’s injury.
Over 73 factors may affect a Florida Walmart injury case settlement value.
Over 73 factors may affect a Florida Walmart injury case settlement value.

Handling a claim against Walmart is similar to a case against a Florida supermarket.  Let’s take a look at some types of injuries that you may suffer at Walmart.

Settlement Value of Your Injury Case against a Florida Walmart.

If a Florida Walmart’s negligence caused your injury, the value of the case will largely depend on the pain and suffering component of the particular injury.

How Much Can I get for my Pain and Suffering after a Florida Walmart Accident?
How much money can I get for my pain and suffering?

You also may be entitled to get your medical bills and lost wages paid in addition to money for pain and suffering.

Settlement Values for Pain and Suffering Component of Different Injuries

Different body parts have a different value for the pain and suffering component.  We will take a look at a few common injuries that can occur at Walmart.

Shoulder Injuries

How Much is a Shoulder Injury Against Walmart  worth?

If a Florida Walmart’s negligence caused your shoulder injury, such as a rotator cuff or labrum tear, AC join tear, broken humerus or broken clavicle, it may be worth a significant amount of money.  We have settled non-Walmart Florida rotator cuff tear and labrum tear cases for $210,000, $147,000, $65,000, $57,000, $18,000, $10,000.  The reason for this large settlement range is because many factors affect a shoulder injury case.

The best thing about a rotator cuff or labrum tear case against a Florida Walmart is that they have the money to pay for the true settlement value of the case.

Herniated Disc
Walmart's carelessness could cause a herniated disc.
Walmart’s carelessness could cause a herniated disc.

Find out if you have a case if a Florida Walmart’s negligence caused your herniated disc in a slip, trip and fall or other type of accident.

Fractured Wrist or Hand
We settled this non-Walmart Miami car accident hand surgery case for $200,000.
We settled this non-Walmart Miami car accident hand surgery case for $200,000.

Learn if you have a case if a Florida Walmart’s carelessness caused your broken wrist or hand.

1. Slip and falls.

If you slip and fall at Walmart, then you should:

Who handles Walmart’s Claims?

Claims Management Inc. (d.b.a. “Arkansas Claims Management, Inc.” in some locations) is the casualty claims administrator for Walmart Stores, Inc. and its insurance carriers.

You should notify Walmart of your personal injury claim by sending a certified (return receipt requested) letter to both of the addresses below:

Claims Management Inc.
Compliance Office
PO Box 1288
Bentonville, AR 72716-1288

702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

I had some difficulty finding the fax numbers for Walmart stores online. So rather than having to call each Walmart and ask them for their fax number, below are the fax numbers for a couple of Walmart stores in Florida that I currently have slip and fall claims against for injured client whom I represent:


300 W Copans Rd Tba 1517
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Store phone (954) 784-0220
Fax (954) 788-9498

Walmart Supercenter

1619 Del Prado Blvd S
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Fax 239-772-3967

You should use the above fax numbers at your own risk.  This is a sample letter notifying Walmart of your injury claim and requesting that they preserve store surveillance video and other evidence. This letter can also be used if you were injured at any business (whether a restaurant, hotel, store, shopping mall, gas station, theme park, etc.) or on a cruise ship.

On 9/16/13, I called Claims Management and was put on a 30 minute hold an eventually hung up. I wonder if Walmart’s strategy is to make the claims process so stressful that the injured shopper eventually gives up. But thankfully mail and fax exist which is what I often use for communication.

You should also send a certified mail return receipt letter to the actual store where you fell. The purpose of this letter is so that Walmart can open up a claim for you and preserve any evidence that may help you prove your case. When the claims adjuster from Walmart calls you, do NOT give a recorded statement. You are not required to give a statement. You do not benefit by giving a recorded statement. It can only hurt you.

I would not even give an unrecorded statement until you have a seen the video of the incident and you are completely finished getting all the medical treatment that you need. I get many calls from people who slip and fall and are injured at Walmart. Sometimes people tell me that they have already given a recorded statement to the claims adjuster. My response is that you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage.

Please do not believe that because the claims adjuster is friendly that this means that they will pay you to settle your case. Unless you have handled a lot of slip and fall cases, dealing with a claims adjuster on your own (without an attorney) is like playing LeBron James in basketball.

You are sure to lose. You are going up against a Walmart claims adjuster who probably has been an adjuster for many years and is seasoned at getting statements from shoppers who are injured at Walmart.

They may ask you a question that seems like it is not important to you but your answer, especially if you give a recorded statement, can kill your case. And you won’t even know that your case has been lost after you get off the phone with the claims adjuster. You may think that you are on great terms and Walmart will gladly take care of your claim.

Even if Walmart asks for your medical bills or proof of your lost wages, this does not mean that they are going to pay them.

Although the standard letter that I send Walmart requests its insurance information, in most cases with Walmart you should not be overly concerned about its insurer because it is self-insured for a large amount. In the more serious cases (multiple surgeries, brain injuries, etc.), there may be multiple layers of liability insurance coverage.

If Walmart asks you to preserve (keep) the shoes that you were wearing at the time of the accident, you should do so. Keep them in a box in your closet and do not wear them again until an agreement is settled. Walmart may try to prove that you were partially at fault because your shoes or sandals did not have any traction on them.

Unlike some smaller stores, I do not believe Walmart has “Medical Payments” coverage. “Medical payments” coverage would cover your medical bills up to certain amount regardless of fault.

f. Slip and Falls Caused by a Leaking Refrigerator

If you slipped and fell on water from a refrigerator, water fountain, soda or beverage machine, ice machine or freezer, then you still have to prove that Walmart knew or should have known that the refrigerator was leaking before you fell. Unless a Walmart employee tells you that the machine (refrigerator, freezer, etc.) was leaking before you slipped and fell, then you generally will have no idea whether Walmart knew or should have known that the refrigerator or freezer was leaking before your fall.

So, if you slip and fall on water that was leaking from a refrigerator or other machine, then once you are able, you should take pictures of the refrigerator or machine that you believe caused your fall. The machine may be rusty, which may prove that they machine was old and should have been replaced before your accident. If your injuries are serious, then you may need to file a lawsuit to get a reasonable settlement in your case.

If you sue Walmart, then you can ask them to show you all the maintenance records (of the leaking refrigerator, freezer or machine that caused your fall) for the 2 years before your fall. The maintenance records of the refrigerator, freezer or machine may show that it was leaking a few weeks or months before your fall.

If this was the case, even if Walmart fixed it a month or so before your fall, then you can argue that Walmart should have put something in front of the freezer (that would absorb water) before your fall.

You may be able to get the records of the maintenance company who repaired the refrigerator before you fall. Maybe the maintenance company recommended that Walmart purchase a new refrigerator instead of fixing it. You may also argue that if Walmart bought a new machine before your fall, then you would not have been injured.

I have seen (in Publix Supermarket) a whole bunch of paper towels in front of the refrigerator containing milk. If there were paper towels in front of a refrigerator where you slipped and fell on water in Walmart, then you could argue that the Walmart knew the refrigerator was leaking before you fell.

You could argue that only a Walmart employee would have placed paper towels in front of the cooler. However, if there is a warning (caution) sign that you should have seen before you fell, then this may hurt your personal injury case.  As in any slip and fall case, the video may show how long the refrigerator, freezer or other cooler was leaking before your fall.

2. Online Settlement Calculator in a Florida Injury Case Against Walmart

Don't Use an Online Settlement Calculator Your Case Value in a Claim for Injury Against Walmart in Florida
Do not use an online settlement calculator to figure out your case value in a Florida Walmart injury case.

If a Florida Walmart’s carelessness caused your injury,  I strongly suggest that you do not value your case based on an online settlement calculator.  There are many reasons why settlement calculators may not work for a Florida injury case.  This is true regardless of whether you are looking at my Florida injury settlement calculator or one that someone else made.

3. Falling Objects

If an item falls from a shelve and hits you, Walmart may be at fault and have to pay for your damages. Whether Walmart is at fault for the accident depends upon whether what you were doing at the time you were struck was reasonable. If you were reaching for an object that was within reach and it fell, this helps your case. If you were standing on your “tippy toes” or jumping to get a product on the shelve, then this hurts your case.

You can be certain that Walmart will argue that you should have known that the object was loose and was going to fall.  Walmart may say that you should have asked for help instead of trying to grab the item without assistance that was high on the shelf. If Walmart is correct, the value of your personal injury case will be reduced by your negligence (fault).

4. Walmart Employee Injures You 

If you are walking in Walmart and you are injured by an employee, you may have a personal injury case against Walmart. The most common ways that a Walmart employee can injured you are as follows:

– An employee rolls or pushes a pallet jack over your foot or into you.

– An employee pushes a cart into you.

– An employee walks into you.

– An employee drops a heavy object on you.

If are injured by a Walmart employee in one of the above ways, you may have a case against Walmart. This means that Walmart may be responsible to pay for your damages (medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering). Walmart will probably argue that you were not looking where you were going and that your damages should be reduced by your percentage of fault.

For example, if you or your children are running through Walmart, and an employee walks into you or your children, you have a more difficult case than if you were standing still or walking at a reasonable speed.

If your child is injured and he or she is under the age of six, then Walmart generally cannot place fault on your child.  But you would still need to show that a Walmart employee was careless and this caused your child’s injuries.

5. Trip and falls.

If you are walking in a Walmart parking lot or on the sidewalk and trip over an uneven sidewalk or pothole, you may have a case against Walmart. Walmart will argue that you should have been looking where you were going. In most of these types of trip and fall cases, you should be able to prove that Walmart should have known of the dangerous condition because uneven sidewalks and potholes do not happen overnight.

Other trip at falls at Walmart may be caused by the following:

– A bunched up runner rug or other rug or mat.

– A stocking cart that you trip over.

– Trip and fall on a box or container.

– A display sign that has fallen to the ground.

If you tripped and fell on one of these things, then you still need to show that Walmart knew or should have known that the object (thing) that caused you to trip was on the floor before you fell. If you trip over a stocking cart that was moved close to you without warning by a store employee, then it is easy to prove that Walmart knew that it was there because you can infer that only an employee would have been able to have access to the stocking cart.

If you trip and fall on a bunched up (raised) rug or carpet, then you have to prove actual or constructive notice of this dangerous condition before you fell. You could argue that Walmart should have known that the rug was “bunched” by arguing that it should have been secured to the floor. Walmart will most likely argue that they had no notice that the rug was sticking up.

Similar to all cases against Walmart, store surveillance may be a great help in proving that Walmart knew or should have known that the thing that you tripped over was there before you fell. Ask Walmart immediately in writing to same video for the entire day of the incident, not just the video that shows your trip and fall.

6. Injured by a Crime on Walmart Property.

Walmart has a duty (obligation) to make its property safe. If you are injured by a crime (a shooting, rape, murder, etc.) inside or outside of a Walmart, you may have a case against both the Walmart and the company that manages or owns the shopping center.

7. Settlements and Verdicts with Walmart.

Actual case (not my case)$23,000 Settlement for Pain and Suffering for a bulging disc from a slip and fall at Walmart Stores in Palm Beach County, Florida. A 39 year-old shopper claimed that she suffered a bulging disc in her lower back (L4-L5) when she slipped and fell on water in the frozen foods aisle. She claimed that the bulging disc radiated pain to her thigh and that she had neck pain (a cervical strain).

The total verdict was for $251,213. Of that amount, $101,213 was for past medical bills, $127,000 for future medical bills and $23,000 was for pain and suffering. The case is Carpineto v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and the verdict was in 2008 and the accident happened in 2006.

My thoughts: The fact that the jury awarded $101,213 in past medical bills for two years of treatment leads to believe that the shopper had surgery to her lower back. However, I am not certain that she had surgery. If she did have lower back surgery, $23,000 is below the typical settlement value for pain and suffering for a lower back surgery caused by an accident in Florida.

Actual case (not my case): $800,000 Verdict in 2013 for pain and suffering for a 40 year-old-man who slipped and fell on a sign while shopping in a Walmart store in Port St. Lucie (St. Lucie County, Florida). He had a torn tendon in his bicep, which resulted in three surgeries and “Popeye Deformity” which causes unusual bulges.

He had depression and anxiety.  $350,000 was for past pain and suffering and $400,000 was for future pain and suffering. He was a beverage distributor. He slipped on a Gatorade sign that had fallen to the floor. The fall was caught on video. Walmart blamed Gatorade for giving it inexpensive plastic screws.

During trial, a Gatorade employee said that if Wal-Mart employees had properly assembled the sign, it wouldn’t have fallen. Gatorade testified that if the screws came loose or had broken, Wal-Mart had the responsibility to deal with it. The jury stated that Wal-Mart was 90% negligent and the shopper was 10% at fault. Online articles said that the jury awarded twice as much as his attorney asked for.

He also made a claim for lost past wages and future wages totaling $186,337.12, and $300,807 in past and future medical expenses. The accident happened in 2011.

My thoughts:  I saw pictures online of the alleged scars to the shopper’s upper arm (bicep) and the scars are horrible. The amount of pain and suffering that was awarded is large, but the shopper did have three surgeries. This verdict shows that stores, such as Walmart, may be responsible even if it they try to blame the company (Gatorade in this case) who gave them the sign. This verdict also shows that juries will sometimes award twice as much as you ask for.

8. Truck Accidents.

Walmart truck hit me in Florida do I have a case?

In Florida, if a Walmart truck driver’s carelessness caused your injury, in most cases you must have a threshold injury in order to get money for pain and suffering.

How the Tort Threshold Affects Your Florida Walmart Injury Case
A threshold injury is usually an injury that will be permanent.

A threshold injury usually consists of a permanent injury, significant and permanent scarring, or death.  You do not have to prove that your injuries are permanent in order to recover money for your medical bills and lost wages.

If you a Walmart truck hit you while you were on a motorcycle in Florida, you do not have to prove that you have a permanent injury in order to get money for pain and suffering.  If you can prove that Walmart is at-fault, then you can get money for your related medical bills and lost wages.

If a Walmart truck hit you, you should immediately send Walmart a letter asking it to preserve the event data recorder (black box) and all the driving logs along with other information. This information can help you prove that the Walmart truck driver was driving too many hours and may have been sleep deprived. Trucking regulations are very strict in the United States.

You should assume that Walmart might send a crash response team at the accident scene to gather evidence as soon as possible following the accident. If it was a serious truck accident, you should have an accident reconstruction expert out to the scene immediately following the accident.

Be sure to take pictures of any vehicles involved in the crash. Get the names and contact information of all witnesses to the accident.  Even if you received a ticket for causing the crash, this does not mean that you do not have a case against Walmart. You could still be entitled to a settlement for the car accident.

If a Walmart truck hits you in Florida or if you live in Florida, in addition to making a liability claim against Walmart, you should immediately make a claim with any auto insurer to which you may be an insured under a policy providing uninsured motorist liability coverage.

Warning: Do not assume that you cannot make a claim against uninsured motorist (UM) coverage!  Do not assume that uninsured motorist liability coverage is not available to you.

Now although I am not specifically talking about cases against Walmart, I have settled countless injury cases for clients who were completely unaware that they were entitled to uninsured motorist coverage.  I invite you to read a story about a $325,000 settlement for a man who didn’t realize that he purchased uninsured motorist insurance when he rented a car.

9.  Time limit to sue Walmart in Florida.

Deadline File Suit Against Florida Walmart

If Walmart’s negligence caused your injury while you were a guest in a Walmart store, then you have 4 years to sue Walmart in Florida. The same time limit to sue Walmart applies if you are hit by their truck in Florida.

If an uninsured motorist hits a Walmart employee in Florida, then in most cases the Florida employee has 5 years to sue an auto insurer under the uninsured motorist (UM) coverage of the policy to which the employee is an insured.  There is a time limit within which you must report your work-related accident to your employer.

10. How long does it take to settle a case with Walmart?

How long will it take to get a settlement for my Walmart accident case?
How long will it take to settle my case with a Florida Walmart?

There are many different factors that affect how long an injury case may take to settle.  Although there is no guarantee that Walmart will offer to settle your claim, slip and falls against Walmart should take a similar time to settle as compared with slip and falls at store or other business establishment, such as a supermarket, hotel, etc.

This is because most businesses have a liability insurance of $1 Million dollars, and 99.9% of cases are worth much less than $1 Million dollars.

Walmart is worth $269 Billion dollars.  Similar to most businesses that size, they have a high self-funded retention (SIR).

 Walmart pays the claim out of its own money up to a certain amount.
Florida Walmarts have a high self-insured retention (SIR).

On top of its high self insured retention (SIR), Florida Walmarts have high liability insurance limits.

So whether your slip and fall or other injury occurs at Walmart or another business, in most cases neither Walmart, another business or its insurer are generally in fear of having to pay above the insurance policy limits for acting in bad faith.  Again, this is because most injury cases are worth much less than $1 Million dollars.

Now if you slipped and fell or were otherwise injured on Walmart’s property and you have a catastrophic injury, then your claim against Walmart may take longer to settle than if you are injured at a smaller business with a typical commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy which has a $1 Million dollar limit. Examples of catastrophic injury are:

a. Spinal cord injury involving severe paralysis of an arm, a leg, or the trunk;
b Amputation of an arm, a hand, a foot, or a leg involving the effective loss of use of that appendage;
c. Severe brain or closed-head injury as evidenced by:
c1. Severe sensory or motor disturbances;
c2. Severe communication disturbances;
c3 Severe complex integrated disturbances of cerebral function;
c4. Severe episodic neurological disorders; or
c5. Other severe brain and closed-head injury conditions at least as severe in nature as any condition provided in sub-subparagraphs c1-c4.;
d. Second-degree or third-degree burns of 25 percent or more of the total body surface or third-degree burns of 5 percent or more to the face and hands;
e. Blindness, defined as a complete and total loss of vision; or
f. Loss of reproductive organs which results in an inability to procreate.

This is because the full value of a catastrophic injury may easily be worth more than the average business liability policy in Florida which is for $1 Million dollars.  This would put pressure on a small business liability insurer to pay the $1 Million dollar limits quickly (if you were catastrophically injured) rather than risk being hit with a bad faith lawsuit for failure to act in good faith and pay the limits quickly.

11.  What should you do if you are injured at a Florida Walmart?

a. Call 911 if it is an emergency.

911 Call Audio Transcript Effect on Personal Injury Case

911 call audio recording or transcript may be important to help you prove your claim, so you may want to request it.

b. Take an ambulance to the hospital if necessary.

Effect on taking ambulance to hospital in injury case

Whether or not you take an ambulance may affect your injury case value.

c. Quickly Report the claim to the store manager.

Did Not Report Accident Walmart Affect Settlement Injury Case

If you slipped and fell on a substance, assuming your pain has not immobilized you, you should immediately report your fall to the store.

d. Take pictures of the dangerous substance or debris and the area

Take Pictures if you Slip and Fall at a Florida Walmart and want to make a claim
Take pictures in your injury case against Walmart.

Immediately take pictures and video of the substance that you slipped on as well as the area where you fell.  Do not just take 1 close up picture of the substance (e.g. water, a grape, oil, etc.) on which you fell.  Take pictures that show the layout of the aisle(s) or area where you fell, including any coupons that may have distracted you while you were walking.  If you are unable to take pictures, have a friend take them.

You can be sure that a Walmart employee will take pictures of the area where you fell.

Walmart has many video cameras throughout the store.  Walmart’s video cameras may even pick up audio.  Do not assume that just because there are video cameras in the area of your fall that they were working at the time of your accident. Some of the video cameras may be “dummy” (fake) cameras and not work.  Do not assume that Walmart will keep this video if it exists.

e. Get names and contact information of any witnesses.

You want contact information of any witnesses who saw your fall, saw the area where you fell, or saw the substance that you fell on. As soon as possible, you want to have each witness sign an affidavit – a sworn statement – stating what they observed.

This is a sample witness affidavit that I used in a trip and fall case at a condominium complex where the total settlement was $75,000.  Every settlement on this website is before our attorney’s fees and expenses.  Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

If you slipped and fell on a “transitory foreign substance” at a Walmart in Florida, then under Florida Statute 768.0755 you need to prove actual notice or constructive notice.  Examples of a transitory foreign substance are a grape, a banana, a box, an egg and countless other things.

Actual notice means that they knew – before you fell – that the substance or thing was on the floor.

The easiest way to prove that Walmart had constructive notice that the substance was on the floor is with your (or witness) testimony (if true) that you did not see anyone in the area for 15 minutes or more before you fell.

You can also prove that Walmart had constructive knowledge of the substance by stating (if true) that it was rotting, or that there were tracks, smudges, streaks, or footprints where you fell. These all help you show that the substance was there for a long period of time before you fell.  Walmart’s video may be able to help you prove that no one was in the area for 15 minutes before you fell.


Let’s suppose that you slip and fall on a piece of fruit at Walmart. If after you fell, you noticed that the piece of fruit was rotting, this should be enough evidence to get your case to a jury.  Most cases against Walmart settle before trial, but you should always prepare your case as if it is going to trial.

12. Employee Accidents (Workers Compensation).

If you are injured while working at Walmart, you have a workers’ compensation claim.  If someone’s carelessness caused your injury, then you may also be able to make a personal injury claim.  One of the advantages of a personal injury claim is that you may be entitled to compensation for noneconomic damages (e.g. pain, suffering, etc.).

13. Juror sympathy

While most slip and fall and other types of injury cases do not go to trial, Walmart’s claim adjuster will evaluate the case as if it is going to trial.  In general, if all other things are equal, a juror is more sympathetic (more likely to favor ) to the injured person than they are to a huge corporation such as Walmart.

This is because it is difficult for jurors to put themselves in the shoes of a $244 Billion dollar corporation such as Walmart.  But ultimately the facts of your case are what will decide the outcome.

I have settled many personal injury cases in Florida, including car accidentsslip and falls and other accidentsI want to represent you if you were injured in an accident at Walmart in Florida or anywhere in Florida.  I may be able to represent you if you live in Florida and were injured in another state.

Did Walmart’s carelessness cause your injury in Florida?  Did someone else’s carelessness cause your accident and injury?

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  1. Husband of Lady Who Slipped and Fell in Walmart says

    Hi, my wife slipped on some liquid in Walmarts entrance 2 days ago and filled out an accident report with the manager. She was hurt in 4 places and traumatised with little help from the employees. Any suggestions

    • Justin Ziegler, Miami Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Husband of Lady Who Slipped and Fell,

      I suggest speaking with an attorney immediately.

    • Justin Ziegler, Florida Injury Lawyer, Site Owner says

      Hi Husband of Lady Who Slipped and Fell,

      I would immediately send a written request to Walmart asking them to preserve the video for the day before the fall, the day of the fall, and the day after the fall. Although I have heard that at least one Walmart store keeps its store surveillance video for 60 days, I would not rely on Walmart preserving (keeping) the video. The letter that you send should be sent certified mail return receipt to the store that your wife fell at, as well as to the Walmart claims office (address if provide in the article above).

      If you have a fax or email address for Walmart, you should also email and fax the letter to Walmart. You should be sure to save a copy of the fax confirmation.

      If you email the letter to Walmart, you should request a delivery receipt and read receipt. It is possible to do this on Microsoft Outlook and I believe if you have a paid version of Google Apps.

      If your wife is injured she should get medical treatment if she feels that she needs it. Even if a Walmart claims adjuster calls or writes to her, I suggest that she does not speak with a Walmart representative before she speaks with an attorney. You stated that she filled out an accident report. Because she did this, there is nothing that can be gained by speaking with Walmart until your wife has completed medical treatment and she knows the full extent of her injuries.

      If your wife was injured in Florida, or if she lives in Florida and was injured in another state, she is welcome to contact me to speak about her incident. There is no charge for her to speak with me. If I am able to represent her, I only get paid if I we settle the case or get a judgement (win at trial) against Walmart.

      If the incident occurred in Florida, there is a time limit to file a lawsuit. I am not your attorney. This is not legal advice.

  2. Anonymous #2 says

    Hello, I live in Illinois, I had a slip and fall at wallmart and broke my wrist and shattered my phone. I filled a report out and they said that I was at fault because i was aware that it was raining and i fell when i walked in the store a few steps from the door and i ask to see the tape and they said they werent allowed to so i had them signed a paper sayeing why and that they couldnt

    • Justin Ziegler, Miami Injury Lawyer says

      Anonymous #2,

      Thank you for the inquiry. I cannot comment on any claim or case involving Illinois law because I am only licensed in Florida. You should immediately speak with a personal injury lawyer in Illinois.

  3. Person Who Slipped and Fell on Water says

    I slipped and fell on water that was on floor and had bruises to thigh been to the doctor twice Walmart wants to settle for a little of nothing and pay doctor bill. Should I settle?

    • Justin Ziegler, Miami Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person Who Slipped and Fell on Water,

      I will assume that your accident happened in Florida. I am licensed in Florida so that is the only state on which I can comment. So my answer only applies to a slip and fall in a Walmart store in Florida. There are many questions that I have that would help me give a good answer to your question.

      Without knowing answers to these questions, my answer to your question depends on when you slipped and fell. If you slipped and fell a few years ago, the only injury that you had was bruises to your thigh which healed, and you do not need any more medical treatment, then I would say that now is a good time to begin settlement discussions. On the other hand, if you recently fell, I do not recommend settling your case now because you do not know how much medical treatment you may need.

      In Florida, you have to prove that Walmart had actual or constructive knowledge that the water was on the floor before you fell.

      Have you asked Walmart to send you a video of the 2 hours before your slip and fall? If not, I would do so immediately. Sometimes the claims adjuster will share the video with you.

      How much is the “little to nothing” that you say Walmart wants to settle for? $100, $500, $1000, $5,000?

      How much is the doctor’s bill that Walmart is willing to pay? That may indicate whether the claims adjuster feels like they are at fault for the incident.

      Walmart may make an offer to settle a case before a lawsuit for a fraction of what it will offer in a lawsuit. What is equally as scary is that some attorneys will recommend that their client settle the case for this fraction for one of 2 reasons. They are improperly evaluating the case or they are not willing to spend the time and money to file a lawsuit.

      Now, this doesn’t mean that Walmart will always pay more if a lawsuit is filed, but it is something that you should know. If Walmart is offering fair value before a lawsuit, then I don’t think that they will offer more than fair value during the lawsuit.  Thus, it is not always appropriate to file a lawsuit. The majority of personal injury claims are settled before a lawsuit is filed.

      I wish that I could give a Yes or No answer to your question, but as you can see there are many things (I just named a few) that any attorney would need to know in order to give you a good answer.

      I tell prospective clients that “If you are not sure whether you should settle your case, then you probably need an injury lawyer.” I mean no disrespect by this but an accident attorney such as myself (and many others) handle these cases 40 hours a week (or more) all year round and hopefully has been doing it for many years.

      I have almost 10 years experience handling slip and fall cases for people injured in Florida and on cruise ships. There are no Fees or costs unless I recover money. Call me at (888) 594-3577 to get a free consultation now! I accept calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. My office is in Miami and I handle cases throughout all of Florida and on cruise ships.

      Statute of limitations.  There is a time limit to file a lawsuit.  As you know, I have not filed any lawsuit for you or on your behalf.  I am not your attorney. This is not legal advice.

  4. Person Hit By Shopping Cart says

    should i give a statement? The adjuster called but it was late and I made an appointment. I was hit with a shopping cart in a crowded entry way at Walmart by the registers between the middle display coming in not a lot of room when crowded. our statements were taken by a manger and she assured that camera was working and would be pulled to show accident Who would be responsible for my bills?

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person Hit By Shopping Cart in Walmart,

      My answer only applies if this incident happened in Florida, which is where I am licensed to practice. I suggest that you do not give a statement at this time. As long as you were not a Walmart employee at the time of the incident, then you have no duty to give a statement.

      I strongly suggest that you send Walmart, and its claims company – Claims Management, a request to preserve video and audio for the entire day of this incident. If you have not already done so, you should report the incident.

      This is what you should do in regards to your medical bills. Your health insurance may pay for your medical bills.

      If you have Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Tricare, etc. then they may pay for your medical bills. You may also make a claim for your medical bills and other damages against Walmart, the person who hit you, and/or any other party who was negligent.

      I assume that you were not working at the time of the incident. If you were working, then you should immediately notify your employer of the incident. In that case, your employer may provide benefits.

      There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. In regards to a claim against Walmart, there is a time limit in Florida to file a lawsuit.

      I wish you good luck. While a do accept personal injury claims – against Walmart or anyone – in Tampa and throughout Florida, I am unable to represent you in this particular case.

      This is not legal advice.

      • Person Hit By Shopping Cart in Walmart says

        Thank you for answering my question I am the lady that got hit by another customer at Walmart. Do you have any references anyone i can contact to represent me in Tampa Fl.

        • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

          Dear Person Hit By Shopping Cart in Walmart,

          You are welcome for my answer. As we discussed, while a do accept personal injury claims – against Walmart or anyone – in Tampa and throughout Florida, I am unable to represent you in this particular case.

          These are 2 attorneys, located in Tampa, that handles this type of claim:

          Frank Butler
          Marcus Fernandez

          Please let me know if you give me your permission to let them know that I referred you. Thank you.

          • Person Hit By Shopping Cart in Walmart says

            Definitely okay to let them know do i call or do you want me to wait? I Thank you again for your help advise and being there for those that don’t know the law and need answers. God Bless you for you keep doing a great job.

          • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

            Dear Person Hit By Shopping Cart in Walmart,

            You should call immediately. Please let them know that I referred you. You are welcome for my help. I am always here to answer questions. I usually respond in 12 hours and sometimes less than 30 minutes. God bless you. Thank you for asking great questions.

            I am not your attorney. This is not legal advice.

  5. Person whose niece slipped and fell at Walmart and hit her face says

    my niece slipped & fell on the 2nd of april 2014 in instant potatoes at the register & hit her face on the checkout belt ,( metal part ) she lost alot of blood & the girl at the register said a lady came thru her line awhile ago with a leaking bag of instant potatoes but they didn’t clean them up ,we had to call 911 & she was took to the er ,she had black eyes & a bruised nose by later that evening & couldn’t even sleep for the pain plus she had to miss work for several days , wal marts insurance had called the next day wanting a statement promisng to have an offer by the 11th of april , which is next friday ..what should she do ??

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person whose niece slipped and fell at Walmart and hit her face,

      Thank you for telling me about your niece’s incident. I am sorry to hear that your niece was hurt at Walmart. I hope that she feels better. I am unable to represent you niece in this particular case if she doesn’t have a facial fracture. If she has a facial fracture and was injured in Florida or lives in Florida, she is more than welcome to call me to discuss this matter.

      She should speak with an attorney immediately. There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. I wish her good luck.

  6. Person who slipped on egg says

    Hi i slipped on spilled egg in Walmart their was a wet floor sign but not covering the spillage
    Walmart supplied me with a bandage for my ankle and asked if I wanted to file a report
    At the time I was mortified at falling so I said no
    Today however I called Walmart and asked if I could come in and file a complaint they said yes
    My side and back are in a lot of pain
    Could you advice me on what to do

    • Justin Ziegler, Injury Lawyer says

      Dear Person who slipped on egg:

      Thank you for telling me about your accident. I am sorry to hear that you were injured. I hope you feel better.

      Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question here. If your accident happened in Florida and you are diagnosed with a herniated disc, then you are more than welcome to call us at 888-594-3577 and we will tell you – for free – whether we can represent you. I suggest that you speak with an attorney immediately. There are benefits to hiring a lawyer.

      There is a time limit to file a lawsuit. I am not your attorney. This is not legal advice.

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