Tractor-Trailer (18 wheeler) Accident Settlements

Tractor-Trailer 18 wheeler Injury Accident Settlements FloridaI've had over $740,000 in settlements - before attorney's fees, costs and medical bills - for people who are injured by a tractor-trailer (18 wheeler) while in Florida. I also settled a claim for $200,000 for a Florida truck driver who was rear ended by another 18 wheeler in Georgia.
Some of my settlements in 18 wheeler cases are: $445,000, $210,000, $100,000, $19,000. I - along with another law firm - have had workers compensation settlements for injured truck drivers.
While it can be difficult for the average person (or attorney) to know how much a tractor-trailer accident case may be worth, I look at past cases (both my own and other attorneys) to help determine the value.
Which is why I write about tractor-trailer (18 wheeler) accident settlements from time to time.

$210,000 Settlement : Shoulder Surgery (Labrum Tear) for Florida Truck Driver Injured in Crash

$210,000 Settlement : Truck Accidents Shoulder (Labram) Tear SurgeryMy Actual Settlement: $210,000 (Gross). Settlement is before attorney’s fees, costs and medical bills were deducted. $200,000 was from liability coverage and $10,000 was from uninsured motorist coverage. [Read more...]

Claims Against Publix Supermarkets For Injuries From Accidents

Publix Claims Injury Accident Miami Florida Slip Fall

Trying to settle a case with Publix Supermarket in Florida from an accident is very similar to a claim against any supermarket in Florida. [Read more...]

Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Tear Settlement Values in Florida Accidents

Rotator Cuff Surgery Settlement Value Florida Car Accident

This article talks about:

1. The effect of pre-existing injuries and causation issues in a shoulder surgery case. 

2. Shoulder surgery caused by a work accident.

3. Estimated pain and suffering settlement value for a shoulder surgery case in Florida.

4. The insurer may be able to hire a doctor of its choice to examine you.

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Motorcyclist Gets $445,000 Settlement for Leg Surgery From Accident in Miami

18 Wheeler Tractor Trailer Accident Miami

Below is one of my many motorcycle accident settlements in Florida.

Settlement: $445,000. This settlement is the gross amount before attorney’s fees, doctors’ bills, etc. were deducted.

Case type: Personal Injury, Motorcycle Rider Hit by Tractor Trailer (18 wheeler tractor trailer)

State/County: Florida/Miami-Dade/Hialeah

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